Prism Capital uses innovative business strategies and operational expertise to build bridges between existing assets and your business and investment goals.


Prism Capital's partners bring decades of combined experience as leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in private equity; real estate development management; information technology distribution; reverse logistics and supply chain management businesses. They have built successful enterprises from conceptual to operational stages, managed on going concerns, and provided creative distribution channel solutions to drive revenue for Fortune 100 industry leaders in the IT distribution sector.


Prism Capital harnesses the power of private equity and operational expertise to create durable business models that generate sustainable cash flows and maximize profit for our portfolio partners.


Prism Capital's investment philosophy is built on the following principles:

We generate superior returns by investing in companies with durable business models, attractive product and service offerings and high-growth potential. Prism Capital offers liquidity for near term priorities while providing long-term strategies for revenue growth. Prism Capital builds strong relationships with management in order to nurture solid, growing companies.

Operational Leadership
We favor a hands-on approach to investments and take an active role in decision making within our portfolio companies. We define appropriate goals and metrics and help our partners perform to those standards. Partnerships are essential to success, so we collaborate with management on equal terms. We partner with management to maintain the culture and model that made these companies successful, while developing new and creative growth strategies to maximize the value of the investment for all of the stakeholders.

Diversity & Balance
Prism Capital maintains a diversified portfolio of investments, while concentrating our operational efforts in IT distribution and real estate development/management sectors. In all cases, we seek companies with potential for industry-wide leadership, and we invest with a long-term, value-creation perspective.

Private Investment

Prism Capital uses a variety of investment vehicles to participate directly in private enterprises. While diversity is a cornerstone of our investment strategy, we concentrate our operational activities in two primary sectors. First, we specialize in providing valued-added investment services to small and medium sized business in or supporting the IT distribution channel through resale, tech support, third party warranty, reverse logistics, refurbishment, data destruction, finance, and other services. We empower businesses that promote the value of IT products throughout their entire lifecycle and thereby optimize distribution efficiency, encourage innovation, drive revenue and protect the IT distribution channel.

Second, in the field of commercial real estate development and management, Prism Capital focuses on renovation and preservation of historic properties. We strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we invest, through creative design, environmental consciousness, and a long-term vision. Regardless of sector, our investment vision emphasizes enhancing residual asset values through intelligent life cycle management, renewal and waste reduction.

Leadership & Management

Prism Capital's partners are proven business leaders. During critical phases in a portfolio company's development, we often assume a direct role in operationally critical positions. Each relationship is tailored to the needs of the particular company and may include appointment of a Prism Capital partner as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, or Board Member with key oversight responsibilities.

Publicly Traded Assets

Often, the most elegant solution is the simplest. The extraordinary proliferation of publicly traded assets has created many diverse investment opportunities. Prism Capital invests in publicly traded assets to achieve rapid and low-cost diversification, as well as to pursue special profit opportunities.

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